And now let's do it in the real world: EOS

Hi, we are team EOS, a small group of students studying Aerospace Information Technology at JMU Würzburg. We are part of a project in which it is the goal to build a payload for a weather balloon which then is launched into the stratosphere. With a focus on software, electrical and mechanical design, and report writing, the project provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in aerospace engineering.

Meet the Team

We were therefore set two goals: Firstly, we should determine the time of the balloon's explosion and secondly, we should collect photo or video material.

CAD model:

It takes a village... to build aerospace projects

From planning, managing financial aspects, risk analysis and mitigation, developing, building, iterating, coding up to all aspects of project management:

Running an aerospace project isn't a piece of cake. Even on smaller projects, this should not be underestimated. But most of these things you can only learn in a real project. This is why (under the guidance of more experienced WüSpace members), we have to manage all aspects themselves, and we will also encounter some difficulties in the course of our project.

Once our goals had been set, the next step was to find out how we could achieve them. On the one hand we chose a camera, on the other hand various sensors to be able to detect the burst. 

Get to know our project in detail

These are our components and sensors:

  1. Main Camera (taking videos from earth)
  2. Ballon camera (taking pictures of the weather ballon)
  3. Temperaturesensor 1 (measuring inside temperature)
  4. Temperaturesensor 2 (measuring outside temperature)
  5. Gyroscope
  6. Barometric pressure sensor
  7. battery

See and be seen... here are a handful of impressions of the EOS project:


Our way to success:

To achieve our two goals, we thought of the following: We want to film continuously with our outdoor camera and thus fulfil our first goal. The second goal (the time of the burst) is to be determined with the sensors. The main focus here is on the gyroscope, since sudden changes in velocity take place during the burst.  .....TODO


As with any aerospace project, documentation is anything but optional. If you are interested in more detailed information, please read our report. Here, the entire project is described in detail... So stay tuned!

EOS project report